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Your home is supposed to keep you safe. But if it's filled with asbestos, you may be putting your family's health at risk. If you think your home may be unsafe, choose Alpine Ridge Contracting, Inc. as your asbestos abatement company in Portsmouth & Norfolk, VA. We can rid your home of mold and asbestos for good.

If you're not interested in restoring an old structure, we can demolish it instead. With our selective demolition and complete demolition services, you have the option to demolish your entire property or just the interior. Call us today at 757-758-3520 to learn about our mold removal and demolition services.

About us

Alpine Ridge Contracting is a family-owned company that started just a year ago. The owner, Raphael, worked in the industry for over a decade prior to starting his own company. Growth and development have been his goal each day. More importantly, staying zealous about building something that will not only bless his immediate family but help change the lives of others around him has been the mission.

The beginning was an adventure, with each day bringing uncertainty-but just as much excitement! Raphael took a step out in faith to start this company. By doing so, he instilled passion and ambition into the core of the team. What was once a one-man operation (with the help of a friend from time to time) has grown to a steady six members and will continue to grow as the year goes on. Alpine Ridge Contracting is equipped with a hand-picked team to bring the customer ultimate satisfaction. We believe that the customer must be treated like family in order to give them the experience Alpine Ridge Contracting strives to deliver with each project! If you need an asbestos abatement or demolition company, reach out to us today.

3 reasons to demolish your home or commercial property

Demolishing a building may seem like a last resort. However, sometimes it's better to demolish your home or commercial property than sink more money into it.

Consider hiring a demolition company if:

  1. The cost of repairs exceeds the value of the property
  2. The land is needed to build a new property
  3. The property isn't safe
If your property is falling apart or filled with asbestos, it may be time to tear it down. Contact us today to learn more about our demolition services.

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